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coffee loverWhen we hear the word coffee, most of us light up. This caffeine infused, addictive beverage holds strong in our everyday lives. Even after studies claiming coffee is not good for us, we all continue to lust after the tasty drink that keeps us on our toes in a world of hustle and bustle. In fact, the coffee industry is even bigger now than it ever was. With coffee shops on every corner in America, there’s no avoiding those rich, taunting beans. The perfectly roasted smell lures us in like cattle.

I first noticed coffee when I was in high school. I always assumed that coffee was not for me. That I would never be one of those stereotypical adults who make coffee an essential part of their daily lives. Okay, first of all, never assume things. The coffee industry had certainly snatched my attention by my junior year. So much for not following the adult trends.

Let’s face it, we now live in a world loaded with coffee options. When our parents and grandparents sipped on a hot cup, the old Folders or Maxwell House was about all one could find. Those days are long gone. The coffee industry has now flooded us with choices. You want a hot latte or an iced one? You want a Frappuccino or a shot of espresso? The possibilities are endless. The 90’s revolutionized the coffee craze. Starbucks hit street corners worldwide. Who’d of ever thought we’d see a billion-dollar fast food style coffee house. It’s crazy. There are actually drive-thru windows so you can grab a mocha latte on your way to work. Have a look over here to find more information in how the industry has changed in its delivery of product and service.

coffee lover

Now being a coffee freak, myself, I can’t complain about the java explosion worldwide. In fact, I think most of us can appreciate the coffee industry these days, and the convenience they’ve provided us with when we’re craving a shot of tasty caffeine. Yes, the old-school drip coffee pots may become obsolete in the near future, only to be replaced by espresso machines. Let’s face it, we love the convenience of the drive-thru coffee houses, but the costs may break us down the road. Fortunately the single serve espresso machines available today will surely keep us satisfied. Our daily caffeine fixes will not be squelched. While these trusty machines can cost you a pretty penny, no worries, they come with a wide range of price tags. You will find that they pay themselves off rather quickly. Check out for more coffee lovers guide.

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