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logoJoe, java go-juice, jamoke, mud and murk are all terms that people use to describe the favored morning beverage, coffee. How did the drink expressed from the coffee bean get the moniker, “cup of joe”?

Like most things American, it comes from the military. Better than Hershey chocolates that were made for military men and pizza that the military brought from Italy, coffee was called “Joe” by naval officers. During the first half of the 20th century the song “Old Black Joe” was their unofficial theme song. Additionally, the term was included in the Reserve Officer’s Manual of 1931. This was in addition to the slang term, java and jamoke. It was understood that, “Coffee is the marine’s best friend and the Corps might well adopt the good old ‘joe-pot’ for its emblem.”

The ‘joe-pot’ of course was the coffee pot, and it has an interesting history as well. The original coffee machine was just a pot wherein roasted and ground coffee beans were placed. This mixture was boiled with the addition of a lid so that it could infuse.  Later, brewing was added to the mix. This involved submerging the ground coffee beans in a linen bag with hot water and then letting it infuse or steep until it was as strong as you wanted it. Many times,the strength of a coffee was tested by its smell. In  the 1780’s the French invented a drip brew process that proved popular for generations afterwards. A two-leveled coffee pot held coffee in a linen sock in the top. Water was poured into the top portion and drained down into the lower level. The coffee was poured from a spout on the side. The caveat was this that the filter sometimes affected the test. The French later invented a percolator that eliminated the need for fabric filters as metal filters did the job.

Fast forward to the 20th century, where two college roommates made the newest invention for coffee.  The Keurig  was born with the idea that single cups of coffee provided for better consistency in the quality of the coffee. The single cup of coffee is dispensed through a K-Cup.  It is diverse enough to brew single cups of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any other hot beverage that you could think of. This coffee machine pierces a K-Cup and brews coffee grounds placed within. Hot water is forced through the K-Cup and filters the coffee. How these machines work and some of the common problems that you can troubleshoot are set out in some really good articles in a site we found. Check it out by following this link.

It is a simple process, but Keurig troubleshooting can be helpful to novices. The best way to avoid problems is to keep your machine clean. Regular cleaning will extend its life. This involves simply cleaning its externals with a warm, soapy cloth. The machine should never be immersed in water, though. Remove the water reservoir and clean that as well. They are not dishwasher safe. The funnel should be cleaned as well as the exit needle. The machine should be descaled every 3-6. Although scale is harmless, it can alter brewing performance. Descaling will result in a superior cup of joe.

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