Rustic Coffee Table

Rustic Coffee Table

Rustic Coffee Table

Rustic Furniture is simplicity itself, bringing a touch of nature into your home with its rugged strong appearance and woody aroma. Do not however confuse rugged with shoddy as your Rustic Coffee Table should be well made with tight fitting dove tail joints, apply pressure and lateral movement to ensure your furniture piece is solid, over time the wood will naturally dry and some small splitting will occur, this is quite normal and will add to the uniqueness of your piece.

Price ranges vary and as with anything you only get what you pay for so opting  for the cheap option will invariably lead to a shorter life span, the rustic style will fit perfectly with many different types of home from a log cabin to a more modern surrounding of course your choice is not limited to a wooden design as there are also wrought iron and glass top tables to choose from, although you may pay a little more, having a handmade designer piece of furniture created will ensure a one of a kind.

Not all types of timber are used for this style of coffee table and your choice will depend on your surroundings and taste but we will look at some of the best wood’s to choose from,

Rustic Coffee Table

Rustic Coffee Table


Oak is a very strong hardy wood and can also be stained or treated to achieve the depth of color to blend in with the style of your home, If you are looking for an antique table oak will be a good choice not only for its authentic appearance but the durability.


The pine tree is very aromatic and furniture made from this wood can still hold its aroma for years, pine is used widely in the manufacture of wooden furniture, but it is wise to only use a rustic pine coffee table for indoor use as after the tree is cut and the bark removed it will lose a lot of its ability to fend off the elements and so quickly degrade.


Beechwood is another hard Warring timber, it has a soft brown with an almost red tinge, again an aromatic wood and the oils contained within are a good insect repellent so moths will not be a problem when using beech for any kind of furniture that is going to be used to store clothing.


Both red and white cedar are used in the construction of rustic furniture, white cedar is mostly grown in northern Canada the white birch will slightly change color with age, but treatments can be applied to help retain its natural pigments, over time the your furniture will crack slightly due to the natural drying out process but this just adds to the rustic look and individuality of your piece.

Red Cedar is a heavy strong wood with a very distinct aroma and red hint of color, other kinds of timber that can be used are Teak, and Hickory but it really is down to the look that you require for your home and of course a rustic coffee table is not confined to being constructed just from timber as a wrought iron frame could be used with a timber top or a glass or tiled top.

A log cabin or wooden summer house would be the obvious choice to kit out with rustic designs but many people who live in more modern surroundings in Towns and cities are opting to bring the feel of the countryside into their homes and the availability is increasing with the desire so there is a wide choice available on the market from the unusual to designer or handmade and expensive to cheap and cheerful if you are skilled with your hands and have the time and resources to complete the project you could source the timber locally and build your coffee table yourself.

Another option is to find the wood that you would like your furniture made from then commission a local tradesman to carry out the work for you, this way you will have a completely unique design Rustic Coffee Table.

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