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Cup of Joe any Joe can use

logoJoe, java go-juice, jamoke, mud and murk are all terms that people use to describe the favored morning beverage, coffee. How did the drink expressed from the coffee bean get the moniker, “cup of joe”?

Like most things American, it comes from the military. Better than Hershey chocolates that were made for military men and pizza that the military brought from Italy, coffee was called “Joe” by naval officers. During the first half of the 20th century the song “Old Black Joe” was their unofficial theme song. Additionally, the term was included in the Reserve Officer’s Manual of 1931. This was in addition to the slang term, java and jamoke. It was understood that, “Coffee is the marine’s best friend and the Corps might well adopt the good old ‘joe-pot’ for its emblem.”

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Tips for Quick and Easy Iced Coffee

4 Easy Tips for Making Iced Coffee Drinks at HomeIced coffee is amazing, especially while having a very pleasant time with your family or friends. It is possible to have fun and drink this refreshing drink, however how to actually make it while at home? There are easy steps to improve the quality of your iced coffee! You will have the opportunity to taste the delicious and fresh taste of this cold drink anytime, even while you are home!

Take a look at the following tips and prepare the best iced coffee ever!

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Six Tips For Overcoming Coffee Addiction

Coffee-AddictionCoffee is certainly one of the most addictive substances in the world today. Little by little coffee finds its way towards the cup of every next person.

Whether you are home or even at your office at work, it is simply impossible not to hear some sentences such as “Let’s have a coffee” or even a“Here I have some coffee for you.”. Although getting rid of such addiction might seem silly for some people, it truly is not.

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General Guide to Buying Coffee

A cup of coffee being madeHave you wondered what makes your cup of coffee taste so nice? In fact some people simply do not have any idea and wonder if coffee shops add more than they should. In fact, this does not happen, what coffee shops know is how to purchase high quality coffee and later on serves it to the public. Now, why does your coffee taste different from the ones you buy all over town? Perhaps you are not doing the right thing, therefore this article will help you understand how to get the best coffee in order to taste the same coffee that you can have in malls, coffee shops or even the coffee your friends make.

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Economic Benefits of Home Roasting

homeRoastingHome roasting is a cheap and very accessible method of getting quality coffee always fresh. In fact home roasting has been done for centuries now. Families had their crop and once the beans were good they would roast them and have them on a personal consumption scale. Many people today still prefer such method because not only the coffee will taste much nicer, but also because they will have the guarantee that the product they will consume is clean and safe. There are different techniques to roast your un-roasted coffee. Take a look at the main benefits when it comes to roasting your own coffee beans home.

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